Driving an inclusive tech city

Diversify tech.

We give the underrepresented access and network opportunities to succeed in the UK innovation economy.

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Why We Exist

Colorintech was founded by technologists and engineers who believed in a fairer tech industry. Frustrated by a lack of diversity, we're on a mission to make the UK the most inclusive tech hub in the world. 

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Our Approach

Even though we're a nonprofit, we act more like a startup that wants to scale and impact as many people and companies as possible. 

We approach things a little bit different and try to use the latest in technology to help further our mission


we advocate

We speak up for the underrepresented and provide actionable tools for companies and entrepreneurs - to become accountable and prepared for building a diverse organisation

we partner

We can't do this work ourselves. We parter with forward thinking organisations, companies and institutions to multiply our impact

we use data

We constantly track and measure the diversity pulse of the UK's tech industry to get a clearer picture of what's going on. Hopefully we'll see the hockey-stick growth.

we do awesome programs

We co-create and curate programs that upskill and provide access across the pipeline, starting with university-level students all the way to executive level. 


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