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Integrating AI into Start-ups

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Colorintech x Meta

Integrating AI into Start-ups

In 2024, we're launching something new. With AI on the forefront of business operations, we're working together to launch the UK AI Roadshow. This programme has 3 parts:

1. An online educational webinar for all SMEs to learn how to integrate AI into their operations.

2. An educational morning for schools to help their young people understand more about the applications, and implications, of AI on their futures.

3. A 2-day educational programme for underrepresented start-up leaders to get taught how to use AI more directly, and for technical leaders to learn how to integrate Llama 2 into their operational services.

People from underrepresented backgrounds are invited to submit their interest to our webinar or our live workshops.

If you represent a school that would like your students to learn more about AI during our roadshow, you can get in touch by emailing us here.

This Roadshow is an opportunity for multiple groups of underrepresented peoples to get involved in learning, more practically, about AI, its uses, applications, and implications. 


Introduction to How To Use Llama 2 in your SME with Colorintech and Meta

The Knowledge You’ll Walk Away With:
✅ Discover How Meta's AI System Can Supercharge Your SME or Startup
✅ Gain Insights from Seasoned Experts
✅ Explore Real-Life Success Stories
✅ Network with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs
✅ Unleash the Potential of Your Business


Underrepresented individuals or teams of up to 3 who have an SME, or are starting one, who are interested in how this AI tool can integrate into your business and help improve all your operations.


Monday, March 11th, from 12pm-1pm UK time

Meta's AI system is a game-changer for businesses of all sizes, and this webinar will show you how to harness its power effectively.

Free tailored learning for underrepresented folks and applicable to any small business or idea.  

Whether you're in customer service, market research, product development, or content generation – Meta's AI can elevate your business strategies. Come find out how!

AI Roadshow Start-up Workshops


In-person in London, we’ll take these experts and team of experts from Meta’s UK and USA teams to a group of entrepreneurs to teach them how to integrate the Llama 2 AI system in their businesses. First on business level, then on a technical level.

Getting really into the detail, we want to help businesses stay ahead of the curve and level-up their abilities and their actual products, as well as the more-standard AI use-case of using their time more effectively.


Underrepresented founders of start-up businesses.

Ideally, you are a technical founder or core team member who understands and is responsible for the operational and/or technical part of your start-up.


2 days across mid-April: Full details coming soon! Sign up to our entrepreneur newsletter to hear when it launches.

Sit with a small team that has flown in the from the USA to go through detailed training that most businesses never get, directly from the developers.

Access to Llama 2 that other UK businesses don't have currently with tailored support to integrate it into your solution.

Access to a lunch and a reception at Meta to network with industry professionals and the Colorintech network, as well as further access to programmes, trade missions, and business networks that Colorintech is putting together.

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