In May 2022, Meta and Colorintech launched a partnership to support creators at every stage. This came after Meta announced a fantastic initiative: the Meta XR Fund. You can read about the fund here, but as a recap, it was ambitious work to support entrepreneurs, developers, students and underrepresented talent to get them ready for the future of tech.

Our Metaverse Creator Award was an education and grant-giving programme that supported 4 incredible creators and founders who were building something great in the Metaverse space, whether in AR, VR, or a metaverse world of their own.

Our application criteria were: 

  • You identify as belonging to an ethnic minority
  • You are a creator (business, creative, etc) working on a project that applies to the metaverse. This means you’re doing one of the following:
    - Developing a service utilising the metaverse
    - Creating a new project or business utilising the metaverse or based around AR/VR/gamification
    - Creating a new feature or expansion of a current business that uses AR/VR/gamification
    - Working on a new Metaverse project or something that utilises AR/VR/gamification
  • You are able to participate in a virtual program in July
  • You are able to demonstrate an understanding of how our programme and grant funding will significantly contribute to the success of your project
  • You are based in Europe

And unsurprisingly, we had some incredible underrepresented founders apply to the programme. Though the decision was difficult, we ultimately decided on our four founders who we want to shout about here.

Now, as amazing as this programme was, it was only a taste of what was to come. You see, now in 2023 we are launching something even more ambitious, which we are excited to announce. Watch this space as the announcement will be coming soon, but let’s just say we’ll be supporting a lot of new ideas to succeed in the metaverse space...

Anyone with an idea, or just those interested in the Metaverse, should be keeping an eye on us. And to be the first to hear about it, click here to sign up to our newsletter for founders.