In May 2022, Meta and Colorintech launched a partnership to support creators at every stage. This came after Meta announced a fantastic initiative: the Meta XR Fund. You can read our recap of the last program we ran with them here.

And now, we have something bigger and better that just launched. It’s called the 100 Days Challenge - where we’re on a mission to create 100 world ideas in 100 days, built by diverse creators and founders.

So, here’s how it works. If you’re from an ethnic minority background in the UK and have a business in the XR space, or you have an idea (or not even an idea yet!) then this program is for you. Read on to apply. 

This new programme has two opportunities open in parallel. 

It invites applicants to apply either with an established Metaverse business or with a new idea for one. The 100-Day counter starts on the 28th of March 2023 and ends 100 days later with the giving of rewards to the most successful ideas.

Click here to learn more.

For those with an established business:

If you’re successful you’ll be invited onto a unique cultural exchange programme with pitching opportunities and the chance to get in front of new clients and even government officials, which will be hyper-focused on showcasing British businesses. This is mainly a network-building, business development, and PR opportunity, with other unique benefits. It also includes an extra training programme, more networking opportunities, an online feature with presence from Meta, and potentially more. 

If that’s you, we’ll be looking for the following in the application:

  • Strong proof of traction, revenue, and customers
  • A detailed and unique product in the XR space with a clear customer segment being served
  • Proof of a well-rounded team and future business plan
  • A diverse team with a great mission for the future

The application closes for you on 23rd April 2023.

Click here to apply.

For those with an idea to submit:

This is where the bulk of chosen applicants will come from. You can apply alone or with a team of up to 3. If you’re successful, you’ll be getting featured on a site with Meta and the other chosen applicants, get a detailed series of practical workshops to turn your idea into a business, and get the chance to pitch at a live event with prizes including Meta Quest headsets. And of course, lots of exposure online to your idea. If you have a great idea you might want to turn into a business or are just interested in the space and want to learn (read about our hackathon events below), then you should be looking here!

If that’s you, we’ll be looking for the following in the application:

  • A well-thought-out idea with a clear target user
  • A clear explanation of the product and an argument for why this will be interesting, unique, and/or impactful
  • Passion from the applicant(s) to take this idea and turn it into a reality over time, and a willingness to learn and grow with their idea

This is open to those who are new to the XR space: As long as you are 18+ and from an underrepresented background, you can come along to one of our hackathon events taking place in the lead-up to the application close date (May 14th 2023).

Click here to apply.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact for more information. We’re looking forward to seeing your application!