Colorintech, in partnership with Meta, is excited to announce our new Spectrum AI Programme scheduled for February-June 2024. This unique event is set to bring together the brightest minds in technology, focusing on the leveling up of businesses started by diverse leaders in tech through the use of integrated, open-source AI. 

This is a "Roadshow", where we'll be covering three core areas across different stakeholders in our community who we want to make sure are positively impacted by AI:

1. An online educational webinar for all SMEs to learn how to integrate AI into their operations.

2. An educational morning for schools to help their young people understand more about the applications, and implications, of AI on their futures.

3. A 2-day educational programme for underrepresented start-up leaders to get taught how to use AI more directly, and for technical leaders to learn how to integrate Llama 2 into their operational services.

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Some Context:

If you didn’t know, Meta has their own AI system, called Llama 2. While it’s somewhat similar to it’s better-known competitors, it has a few key differences. 

One, is that it’s open-source. Unlike ChatGPT and many others, anyone is able to contribute. If you’re super techy, you’ll probably like that - and if you’re not, just know that it means it’s more collaborative and more open.

Okay, so what is the AI Roadshow?

This Roadshow is an opportunity for multiple groups of underrepresented peoples to get involved in learning, more practically, about AI, its uses, applications, and implications. 

Colorintech’s AI Roadshow will first bring AI experts from across the industry to speak with a group of young people interested in AI. They may be young tech workers, or even university students, who are in the tech space or interested in tech jobs and from underrepresented backgrounds. Naturally, they will want to know how AI is going to change the tech industry and the future of the jobs they might be interested in.

Then, we’ll take these experts and team of experts from Meta’s UK and USA teams to a group of entrepreneurs to teach them how to integrate the Llama 2 AI system in their businesses. First on business level, then on a technical level. Getting really into the detail, we want to help businesses stay ahead of the curve and level-up their abilities and their actual products, as well as the more-standard AI use-case of using their time more effectively. 

What are participants receiving?

1. Exclusive Workshops: Dive deep into AI with Meta’s latest technology. Expect interactive sessions that are as much about learning as they are about doing.

2. Networking Opportunities Galore: Rub shoulders with the best. Whether you're looking to make your mark in the industry or simply find inspiration, the connections you make here could be the start of something big.

3. Join the Colorintech Community: With previous opportunities for our community including grant programmes, trade missions, and investment support, there is so much more to your Colorintech journey once you complete a programme with us.

4. Further support from Meta: Everything from guides, to connections, to credits could be available through our programmes. 

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An enduring partnership

The AI enablement program builds from over 3 years of successful programming delivered by Colorintech in partnership with Meta. As one of Europe's longest standing collaborative efforts the program reflects a sustained commitment to diversity and inclusion within Europe's tech industry. This partnership, spanning over three years, goes beyond a single initiative, highlighting a deep-rooted alliance that has supported over 50 Entrepreneurs. Through their joint efforts, Colorintech and Meta have facilitated access to education and mentorship for underrepresented communities, underscoring the importance of diversity in technology. This collaboration underscores Colorintech's industry leading role in shaping an inclusive AI and tech landscape, while maintaining a focus on long-term, impactful change.

About Colorintech

Colorintech is a non-profit dedicated to making the tech industry more inclusive and diverse. Together, we're on a mission to shape a future where technology is accessible and empowering for everyone.

Come join us at the AI Roadshow – where technology meets diversity, and the future is bright and inclusive!

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