What are the diverse candidates in Gen-Z looking for?

  1. Job security Candidates from minority backgrounds often have concerns about ending up in precarious work situations, partially down to the socialization of the careers their parents talk about such as Teaching, Law, Trades, etc and are traditionally more risk-averse in doing or going for things that they aren't aware of
  2. Belonging and flexibility. Kind of goes without saying because of who we are but candidates really respond well to organizations where they feel they can be themselves and won't be judged because of their religion, race, or background/class (education, etc). This is usually tackled best when we let them meet people they would work with. On flexibility, employers that talk about having things such as prayer rooms, flexible working times (and increasingly locations) are well regarded too as in particular we find minorities are less geographically mobile and want to work closer to family/areas they know
  3. Increasingly recognize their careers won't have a linear path, so are impressed by internal mobility and the opportunity to do more entrepreneurial things when working for organizations. They respond well to examples where people have owned things and have an impact, and are impressed by those who can demonstrate a varied career trajectory
  4. They expect good tech. They're tech natives so want to be working on cutting-edge products, tools, and in orgs that are exciting/innovative. Compared to some of the big professional services organisations this is where it’s more relevant. Tech is "sexy"

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