In partnership with Meta, Colorintech shares new data - unearthing the barriers that Black professionals and students face in the tech industry.

Colorintech revealed today that despite the heightened investments in DEI and racial equity commitments made post-George Floyd from tech companies, Black students and professionals still face many barriers when entering and advancing in the tech industry.

We polled nearly 2,000 individuals to explore how different ethnicities experience finding a job, getting hired, advancing and being supported in their careers.

Findings to date include: 

- 65% of Black tech professionals encountered barriers when starting their tech careers

- Less than half (44%) of Black and Asian respondents felt empowered to negotiate a fair salary, compared to 75% of white respondents

- 99.3% of black people had experienced a micro-aggression at work, compared to 62% of white people

To review the findings for yourself and learn from experts from Colorintech and Meta, please read the Barriers insights here