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A structured learning experience aimed at black tech professionals looking to accelerate their careers and explore tech opportunities within the creative industry. As an emerging leader, you will be given insight into how technology powers creativity at WPP, as well as WPP’s philosophy, people, products and culture, through a series of engaging masterclasses, visionary presentations plus tailored 1-to-1 career support from WPP’s talent teams and mentors.

Who should apply?

  • You’re experienced: Do you have 3+ years of work experience?
  • You’re inspired by data: Are you curious about data? Do you get excited about the possibilities with it? Do you think about how to visualise it and think differently about it?
  • You are inspired by the creative industry: Are you curious about the role of technology, data and AI in creative work? Do you think about how brands can tell more fun and engaging stories through data?
  • You're open, optimistic and extraordinary : We are inclusive and collaborative; we encourage the free exchange of ideas. We approach all that we do with confidence: to try the new and to seek the unexpected. We are creative leaders and pioneers of our industry; we deliver extraordinary every day.

What will you get?

The Update leadership programme gives participants access to WPP's most senior creative and tech leaders and an introduction to the WPP family of agencies


Get an inside view of WPP's network, their people and companies.


Connect with WPP's most senior creative and tech leaders

Recruiter 1-1s

Spend time with recruiters who can provide tips and advice on how to highlight your strengths and give you context to what they look for

Scale and opportunity

Learn how to create, influence and deliver projects at a scale that is unparalleled in the industry.

About WPP

"We are the creative transformation company. We convene brilliant minds from diverse backgrounds and enable them to unleash the power of creativity to build better futures for our people, planet, clients and communities. We enable and accelerate the impact of our integrated and specialist companies globally with scaled data and technology capabilities, partnerships and platforms. At WPP, we invest in our people’s future, create inclusive working environments, and build cultures based on the values of openness, optimism and a commitment to extraordinary work."
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