Starting the year off with a bang, we’re excited to announce our European partnership with Microsoft as we expand further into Europe for greater diversity and inclusion within the European tech economy. 


The partnership and expansion of activities will see us engage with and support students and early career professionals in 4 key European markets; Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal and France. This collaboration highlights Microsoft’s commitment and investment into enhancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within the European Ecosystem. 


We’ll deliver several insight events across the Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal and France and these insight events will support undergraduates and early career professionals in each country to gain awareness of the tech industry and build their skills to maximise their chance of landing a job at leading technology organisations, like Microsoft!


Please note: With Microsoft being a global and multi-faceted company, these sessions are also for people interested in pursuing careers in business, sales, marketing and HR… As well as tech! :)


Also to help equip you with skills and insight, you’ll be hearing directly from hiring managers and team members at Microsoft to see exactly what they’re looking for! 


The events are FREE and the details for each session can be found below:

Country: Ireland - ALREADY COMPLETE

Jan 21st - 12.00pm GMT

Session: How to build a career at Microsoft.

Link to sign up: HERE

Country: Portugal - ALREADY COMPLETE

Feb 7th: 11.00am GMT

Session: Life at Microsoft & how to build your career.

Link to sign up: HERE

Country: Netherlands 

Feb 15th: 9.00am / 10.00am CET

Session: How to build a career at Microsoft Netherlands.

Link to sign up: HERE

Country: Ireland & Netherlands

Feb 16th: 10.00am GMT

Session: How to succeed in a tech interview with Microsoft.

Link to sign up: HERE

If you have any questions or would like more information please email


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