Over the years, we have been fortunate to work with Microsoft in a number of ways.

Microsoft Azure supported our very first C:code event in 2018 and Microsoft for Startups has been a long-standing partner and advocate of Rise, our pre-accelerator program for underrepresented entrepreneurs — today, we partner with Microsoft UK on a journey to further drive diversity and equity inside of Microsoft and beyond.

Over the next 12 months, Microsoft will lead workshops as part of our Tech Career Readiness (TCR) programme which helps undergraduates gain awareness of the tech industry and build their skills to maximise their chance of landing a job when they graduate. In addition, we will work together to co-develop a 4-week leadership development programme aimed at Black professionals who are looking to take on their first leadership position. The aim of the program is to create a robust peer network as well as an expanded network of recruiters, hiring managers, and internal advocates that can serve as mentors.

Improving representation across all aspects of diversity and inclusion is core to Microsoft’s mission to empower every person and every organisation to achieve more. There is great power in diversity. And if we want to make products and services that truly appeal to and benefit everyone, then we must bring the many unique talents from underrepresented communities to Microsoft and to our industry. I am excited to see where this new partnership with Colorintech can take us - Clare Barclay, CEO, Microsoft UK

Microsoft has been vocal in its commitment to addressing racial injustice and, knowing endemic racism can’t be solved quickly or alone, they are looking to root causes and planned long-range systemic responses. This sustained, multi-year commitment focuses on three key areas: increasing representation and strengthening Microsoft’s culture of inclusion, engaging Microsoft’s ecosystem, and strengthening Microsoft’s communities. The company commits to doing the hard work in their own organization and among employees to ensure that their culture of inclusion is a top priority for everyone. At the same time, they must continue to expand outward to influence partners and improve the lives of members of the Black and ethnic minority community everywhere.

In the UK, Microsoft has signed up to the CBI’s Change the Race Ratio campaign to commit itself publicly to the progress it wants to make as a company in driving great ethnic minority representation in the workplace. It is also committed to the “If not now, When?” campaign that focuses more specifically on black talent. The partnership with Colorintech is an example of the steps Microsoft is taking to make good on those commitments.

We’re excited to partner with Microsoft to further our mission of increasing access and opportunities for underrepresented talent to enter and advance in the industry. Our values are extremely aligned and we look forward to supporting them on their DEI journey - Dion McKenzie, co-founder and Chairman of Colorintech

We are excited to work together with Microsoft across our student and professional programming and share talent opportunities with our community.