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Autumn 2019 London

Colorcode 2019 is our youngest event aimed at Year 11 and Sixth form students interested in technology. Learn coding fundamentals and get hands on with some of the most exciting new technologies around. You’ll hear firsthand from industry leaders, engineers and entrepreneurs on how you can join the tech industry and what it takes to succeed.

What you'll find at Colorcode

The program

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University partners


Summer 2018

Silicon Valley

Summer 2018

Los Angeles

Winter 2019


Winter 2019



University partners

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The instructors

Charlene Chen


Michael Lee


Jason Touray

Black Unicorn

Ashleigh Ainsley

Founders Intelligence

Dr Ian McDonald


* More to be announced

The classes

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Is there an age limit for this program?

No. We want to make this program inclusive and open to people from a breadth of underrepresented backgrounds regardless of age.

Does my idea have to be a technology business?

Given the content of the program and the instructors expertise, we believe those who would like to develop tech enabled businesses would gain the most from the program.

How much does the program cost to join?

The program is free. If you would like to support Colorintech financially please contact us.

Do you take equity?

No and we have no plans to ever ask for some in the future. Colorintech is a registered non profit and our only objective is to help underrepresented entrepreneurs on their journey.

What happens after Rise?

After Founders Rise - we hope you either get funding (or bootstrap), join an accelerator or become an intrapreneur within your organisation. Whatever you decide, you'll join our extended Colorintech family of entrepreneurs and advisors and have access to the Rise mentors be invited to alumni events.

What are the key dates for Rise 2019?

The application deadline is 11th February, 2019 at 11:59pm BST Applications are reviewed as we receive them, so the earlier you apply the sooner we can reach out. During the application process we will select a handful of early applicants to join us at Rise events hosted in London. Submit your application early to be considered.

I already have a startup, can I apply?

Yes. If you already have a startup it means we can tailor our workshops around your actual business. We also can make the right introductions to our network of investors and mentors.

Who should apply to Rise?

Rise is designed for underrepresented founders, intrapreneurs, and people with ideas, who identify as belonging into one or more of the underrepresented groups including gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, disability, and other.

Where are the Rise events located?

Rise sessions will take place at Microsoft Reactor Space in Shoreditch. Workshops are once a week (from 6:30-8:30pm) and will run for 5 weeks. We provide food and drinks 🙂

I don't have a startup idea. Can I still apply?

Of course. This program will help you identify what problem you're best at solving - apply now

Can I apply as a team?

Yes, however there is a limit of 2 founders per company. Please indicate this on your application form - Do not both apply


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